Witchcraft and jinn cause many health problems. These ailments mystical origin do not work according to the rules known natural medicine. It may be pain of unknown origin, known diseases but the trigger is abnormal, unexplained illnesses that could only observe, even naming and classifying. Medical treatment to disease mystics are ineffective but may, however, alleviate the symptoms.

1.Ulcers, digestive problems
Witchcraft eaten consists of drops you put in the food and drink, then reconstitutes itself in the belly like glue and sticks to the walls of the stomach or intestines. This can be anywhere from the esophagus to the anus. The body senses a foreign body and tries to eliminate, where heartburn or burning up the ulcer, possibly accompanied by bloating, constipation or diarrhea.
Clinically, the ulcers are mainly due to the excessive consumption of alcohol or chili, and resolve as soon as you avoid these products, like a wound that closes as soon as you stop scratching. 

Pimples, eczema or scarring appear in the body, often in the legs, sometimes with itching, pus, bleeding, and change or move. No effective treatment or explanation whatsoever. It is a disease due solely to physical contact with witchcraft, often we walked over. Sometimes the head that causes hair loss. Sometimes in the mouth that causes sores in the mouth.

3.Open Wounds
This is a phenomenon that defies all medical knowledge: sores that appear spontaneously, sometimes after a small shock or bite beast, deepen and spread, up to the bone, and that last for years resistant to all therapies. Disease due solely to witchcraft and jinn.

At the slightest scratch, the person develops a huge scar that share more. Over the years, his body becomes horribly scarred. It says it is a disease typical of African rare, various shapes, everything we see is that the healing cells are constantly reproducing.

5.Tuberculosis, coconut, sickle cell anemia, belt, typhoid
Many diseases unknown in the West, and many patients we had who were suffering from witchcraft and found healing. For sickle cell disease, we were all patients whose symptoms have disappeared, but we have not repeated the blood tests to check the change.

Medically, this can be explained by diabetes, antidepressants powerful drugs against serious diseases such as cancer, or otherwise by psychological factors, but it takes a great deal of disappointment, frustration, anger, disgust or trauma to that a man can no longer have sex with his wife or a woman. Particular, if man loses his erection when he approached the woman, or he can have sex with a woman and not the other, it becomes clear that the problem is not medical.

We had many women who became pregnant after our treatment is in fact an area where we have a great success rate. They are almost all gone through medicine: everything is normal for some, for others there were fibroids, blocked tubes or ovaries tired, and still others have IVF. I have not seen a medical explanation for the sterility of a woman whose cycle is operating normally. Note that witchcraft is often accompanied by painful ovaries and lower back, sometimes outside the rules.  We also cases of male infertility, but it is rarer since the logic of witchcraft is the woman that seeks to achieve more often making it sterile. But men do not have sperm, or little, or not enough mobile, medical report is not accompanied by any explanation or solution. Of time is but an embryo does not survive.

8.Stop kidney cancer, hemophilia
Unfortunately it is almost possible to cause any health problems with witchcraft. Although the disease is known, but its onset is unusual, and these are diseases that have no treatment anyway, if not to stop its spread, limiting its effects or replace the defective organ . When removing witchcraft, it is possible that the disease disappears by itself (renal failure) and sometimes it take its course because it is a biological process that is launched (cancer).

9.Mental Disorders, madness
How a perfectly healthy person can she mad? Unless a terrible emotional shock, it is incomprehensible. The same behavior disorders: fear, depression, anger and aggression, loss of concentration and memory, are not understandable unless traumatic painful experiences. At a conference with a psychiatrist, it appeared that his patients’ symptoms are exactly the same as ours: we treat people the same, except that level, there was no explanation for the origin, function and evolution of the disease are not expected to cure, but just the stabilization of the case. By the grace of God we have many people completely cured, but treatment of cases of total madness are often long: it must persevere until consciousness returns.

10.Children with disabilities
High fever in pregnant women can “burn” the brain of the fetus and the child’s handicap; trisomy 21 produces physically and mentally handicapped children. Apart from this, births disabilities or handicaps appearing shortly after birth or in the first years of life are difficult to explain by medicine (apart from contamination by toxic chemicals). Sometimes you spoil the child by witchcraft pregnant women; happens in the design of the djinn sperm is mixed with that of man, it happens that children are sacrificed to the jinn and lose their strength and mental capacity. Our treatment in these situations produce some improvements – which are always valuable for a disabled child – but do not expect a full recovery if the child was healthy before and had the disease. For disabled from birth, evil is irreversible but the mother cares for the next child to be healthy.

11.Pain, heaviness and paralysis
Witchcraft and jinn can cause persistent pain in any part of the body, which can prevent anyone studying or working without apparent physiological cause. Sometimes they are red in a limb and weakness and sometimes paralysis of a limb, or half of the body or face.
Headaches can be caused by a lack of drink: make sure the person drinks enough. Kidney pain come from a strenuous physical activity, and if this is the case, advise the person of abs and gymnastics as it strengthens the kidneys and back and improves stamina.


Some of the obvious symptoms associated with witchcraft are:

  • Experience Strange feelings such as:
    • Someone watching is you
    • Someone following is you
    • Someone is standing behind you
    • Someone is touching you
    • Hearing noises
    • You are scared to look into the mirror
    • Your home looks dark
    • Your home looks scary
  • Having nightmares and seeing or having pursuit of
    • Snakes
    • Dogs
    • Beef
    • Uniformed person
    • Masked person
    • Water such as ponds, river or seas
    • High Places: See yourself climb, fall or fly
    • Cemetery, the dead or graves
    • Cars or vehicles
    • Fire
    • Fish
    • Fantasy nights (dreaming of being in bed with a person you do not know).
  • Feeling of blockages in life against
    • Work
    • Money
    • Marriage
    • Education
    • Support
    • Broken promises
    • Bad luck.
  • Experiencing abnormal health problems and mental state, such as
    • Unexplained pain
    • Permanent odd diseases recoginsed by medical but finding no solution.
    • Open wounds
    • Scratches appearing
    • Infertility and Impotence.
    • Feeling unnecessary anger
    • Irritability
    • Sadness without reason
    • Depression
    • Forgetfulness
    • Lack of confidence and lack of concentration