The World of Jinns


What is unseen is not necessarily non-existent ?

  • The fact that we can not see the jinn does not mean they do not exist either. This is the view of the materialists of our age and those who followed in their footsteps. Indeed, how many are there things that our eyes can not see but whose effects are noticeable? While the examples are many and varied. Include, air, electricity and limited to this.
  • Also, ask these fools who claim that they believe what they are, why they happen he sometimes see things that do not exist, such as mirages or hallucinations arising from the imagination?
  • Yes, how they admit that our eye can see something unreal and they refuse to believe that there are people and things in this world that our eyes can not see but which nevertheless exist?

What are created jinn?

  • Qur’anic verses and hadiths show unequivocally that the jinn were created from fire.
  • Allah says: “And He created the jinn of a flame of fire without smoke” (Surah 55 verse 15).
  • Ibn ‘Abbas, the term “smoke-free” means “the end of the flame.” Other scholars believe that this phrase means that it is the purest and best of lights. God knows best! What is important is to know simply that the jinn were created from fire and therefore have a constitution entirely different from ours.
  • He also says: “And about the jinn, We had created before a fire of burning heat” (Surah 15 verse 27)
  • This verse gives us additional information, he tells us in effect that the jinn were created before man. Allah also says by the mouth of Iblis (the curse be upon him!): “Thou hast created me of fire, while You created from clay” (Sura 7 verse 12).
  • Some will argue how can you take the words of Iblis as evidence when it may be lying? We reply that the evidence does not lie in the words of Iblis itself but in the fact that this word was reported by Allah Himself and it is not fitting for Allah to report untrue.
  • Regarding the Sunnah include the hadith of the Prophet (PBUH) narrated by Muslim and Ahmad: “The angels are created from light, the jinn from a smokeless fire and Adam as you described”

The homes of the Jinn

  • Jinn prefer places not inhabited by men such as deserts and wastelands.
  • This is why the Prophet went out into the desert to remind Allah, they read the Qur’an and teach them their religion. This is transmitted by Ibn Abbas and Ibn Mass’oud in Sahih Muslim.
  • Thus, some of them live in dirty places (poubelles..), And others live among men. The jinn live in these dirty places to eat leftover food thrown by men. Also, some jinn live in cemeteries and ruins.
  • They are also found in the toilets and bathrooms, this is why the Prophet (PBUH) sought refuge in Allah against male demons and female demons when he entered the lavatories.

Jinn they eat and drink?

  • Scholars are divided into three groups regarding whether the jinn eat and drink. Some of them claim that the jinn do not eat or drink and this is about zero and baseless. A second group believes that some jinn eat and drink and others do not eat or drink. While the latter group claims that all the jinn eat and drink.
  • Al-Bukhari reported a hadith in which it is mentioned that the Prophet (PBUH) asked Abu Hurayra bring him stones with which it can be cleaned. He said: “Do not bring any bones or dung.” Later, Abu Hurayra asked him the reason of this prohibition. He said: “They are part of the food of the jinn. A delegation of jinn Nasibi, which are the best among the jinn came to ask me for a food trip. Then I invoked Allah for them so they do not go near a bone or dung without being able to take some food “
  • Jinns can they change shape and appearance?
  • Jinns have the ability to change shape and appearance. According to Ibn Taymiyyah, they can take a human or animal such as a cow, a scorpion, a snake, a bird … He also said that the black dog is the devil dogs and jinn often appear in this form. They can also appear as a black cat because in fact adds to the black devils evil force.
  • It is also reported that Iblis took the appearance of an old man when the disbelievers Nadj Quraysh met in Dar An-Nadwa (assembly of notables of Mecca) to discuss the fate that had book Muhammad. Iblis – the curse be upon him – had suggested to kill him.
  • It should be noted that when a djinn takes a human or animal form then it obeys the physical laws of this form, ie, it will be possible to see or kill a shot or to injure a knife. This is why the jinn remain only a short time in such form as they become vulnerable. In fact, they use their invisibility to scare people.

Are there male and female among the jinn?

  • When the Prophet entered the lavatories, he would recite the following invocation: “O Lord, I seek refuge with You against male demons and female demons. “(Ini Allahouma a’oudoubika minal khoubthi wal khoubeyth) (transmitted by Anas and narrated by Bukhari and Muslim.)
  • This clearly shows that there are males and females among the jinn.

Is that the jinn have sex and produce offspring?

  • Allah says: “before whom neither man nor jinn has touched” (Surah 55 verse 74).
  • He also says: “And when We said to the angels:” Prostrate yourselves to Adam “, they prostrated except Iblis was of the jinn who rebelled against the command of his Lord. Will you then take him and his offspring for friends rather than Me while they are enemies to you? “(Surah 18 verse 50)

The first verse shows that the jinn have the ability to deflower therefore have sex. The second shows that the jinn are offspring of these sex one hand and on the other hand, it clearly shows that Iblis is a Jinn and not an angel as some claim.

Is that the jinn are responsible for their actions?

Just like humans, the jinn are responsible for their actions. Indeed, Allah will ask on the Day of Judgment: “O community of jinn and humans, do not it came messengers chosen from among you, who told you My signs, and warning of the meeting today? “(Surah 6 verse 130).
According to Imam Ibn Taymiyyah, the jinn observe obligations in relation to their specific nature. As different human beings, their duties are necessarily different as well.

Faith and religion jinn

  • The jinn are on this point as human beings. They may be Christians, Jews, Muslims or unbelievers.
  • Among them are Muslims as Muslims among men some are pious, others are evil, others follow the Sunnah of the Prophet, while others commit innovations prohibited. And Allah shows that the jinn among them said: “There are among us virtuous and others are less so, and we were divided into different sects. “(Surah 72 verse 11)
  • Ibn Abbas said that the end of the verse “We were divided into different sects. “Means” There are among us believers and unbelievers among us. “

Does the jinn believers enter Paradise?

  • The scholars are unanimous on the entry into hell jinn disbelievers.
  • Imam Ibn Taymiyyah said that the unanimity of scholars believe that jinn disbelievers will be punished by hellfire and notice the more prominent on the fate of the jinn is that believers will go to heaven.
  • Imam Ibn Kathir said about the truth is that the believing jinn and men all believers will go to heaven. He said that the scholars are of the opinion is based on the following verse on the houris of paradise “before whom neither man nor jinn has touched” (Surah 55 verse 74).

The jinn are afraid of humans

  • Imam Ibn Kathir in his Tafsir reported that the Arabs had the habit, when they wanted to camp in a place, to seek the protection of the head of the jinn who were there for fear of their nuisance. Noting that the jinn men overwhelmed by fear, madness and distress so that they feared the power of jinn at any time and in any place.
  • Ikrimah said this and said: “The jinn and the men feared the jinn but each felt a fear more intense than men. When men down in a valley, the jinn fled. The leader of the human said: “We call for the protection of the master of the Valley” The jinn are then said: “Since we are concerned, we approach them and accablons them with madness and fear.”
  • This is the meaning of the words of Allah: “Now there were men among mankind who took shelter males with males among the jinn, but it only increased their distress. “(Surah 72 verse 6)
  • It is clear from this story that the jinn are beings shy by nature, but they can feel the feelings of humanity such as anger, sadness, fear or tranquility. In fact, the jinn benefit from these states man for the rout and bring terror into his heart. They are like dogs as soon as they realized that you were afraid you bite